Community Service Form

Constructive community service is a founding VFW tenet with volunteerism benefiting education, the environment, health sciences and civic projects.  At the bottom of this page is a list of examples that will help you understand how we report to State.  The State requires at least 100 projects each year.  Each submission you make will be considered a project. For example: If you spend 3 hours assisting at a nursing home you should report that as 1 project.  How about cutting your elderly neighbors grass?  That is Community Service.  However if you have an ongoing project such as working with a scout troop, you will roll your total hours, cash and miles into 1 project for the entire month

State also asks for at least 1 photo be submitted for every 10 project submissions.  They will use them for their website and, once we start getting photos, we will use them on ours.  Be sure that any photos you submit can be identified as a VFW service such as wearing your VFW cover.  Please consider taking, or having someone else take, photos at each project. 

We request that you submit all funds you expend to perform your project  along with  your total mileage to and from the location you service and any funds you expend.

Please Note:  Any hours you submit, using this form, should not be entered on the form used at our Business Meetings

Honor Guard Members:  Do not submit any Honor Guard hours.  Honor Guard Ron Catchings will submit a combined report.

‚ÄčAll Fields With [*] Must Be Filled In

Auxiliary Members:  Please do not use this form.  You will turn your hours in at your Business Meeting